Who threw that out?

IMG_0380Okay so this is where I admit to everyone that I am officially a dumpster diver and everyone stops following my blog.   Okay maybe not that drastic, but now you will forever look at me in a new light. I should clarify though so you aren’t completely grossed out.  I don’t make a habit of going through garbage; believe me, I have the makings of a germophobe.  I come by it honestly; my mom was a health inspector before she retired to run a night club (cleanest night club in the city!) and nothing passed inspection in our house growing up unless it was spic and span.

ANYWAY, my husband and I were out driving when I saw this door sticking out of someone’s back alley garbage dump and I thought “how much of a germophobe am I REALLY?”  Apparently not much of one as I yelled to my husband “stop the truck!” and we loaded it up.

He, of course, thought I was nuts (as usual) but I really HAD been looking for an old door to make an art project for FOREVER but have been too cheap to pay the ridiculous prices people were asking.  $150 for an old broken door?  Really?  I blame Pinterest; giving all of these big ideas to people about uses for old, random things so other people catch on and start selling those old, random things for a ridiculous profit because they KNOW we WANT THEM!  Okay, I actually love Pinterest but still.  So, in my books, this was a score.  At least this way if I totally screwed it up, I wouldn’t be kicking myself for paying $150 for someone’s garbage!

Now, I know there are tons of ways you can use an old door but we didn’t need a headboard or a coffee table (see this post!) or a bookshelf (or a new door I guess) but I HAD been looking for a statement art piece for my front room.  So, I decided to wing it (after all, it was FREE) and see what I came up with.  My neighbors probably thought I was nuts and were wondering what in the world I was making but I think they kinda expect it from me by now.

So, the long journey began.  Okay so it was one afternoon but it was a long one!    First thing to do was to clean off the cobwebs which I don’t have a photo of because, well, I didn’t take one.  Then I used some 2×2’s to elevate it off the groung for sanding.  There were a TON of layers of paint but none of them were cool colors.  The previous owners really liked their whites, beiges and light yellows.  BORING!

IMG_0351Some may call that water damage on the bottom of the door but I call it character! Anyway, I sanded it all down just to remove the shiny surface coating and clean up some of the peeling paint.


I know, still boring right?  If this door had already had some funky colors underneath, I could have just sanded some spots more than others and brought out the natural coolness.  But since that wasn’t happening, I used some of my own crazy colors. I started with bright sunny yellow and randomly painted it on it splotches.  Looks terrible I know.  This is probably where my neighbors were wondering…

IMG_0368Next I added two other colors that are brighter shades of the colors in my front living room.  Looks like bad camo to me!  Funny how you can watch time passing by the shadow of the basketball net in our front driveway…


Okay so now I wanted to darken the whole bit up so I painted this pretty shade of blue over the whole thing.

IMG_0370Yup looks like I wasted my time with all the other colors right? Wrong.  Next step is to sand, sand, sand and bring out the other colors underneath in a random arrangement.  Now, I could have just painted each color as a different layer but doing it in splotches just saves me a ton of time trying to sand down to the bottom layer to bring out the first color.  Plus, it adds more randomness to the whole thing, which I wanted.

IMG_0371So here it is all sanded; in some spots, because I didn’t prime first, I accidently sanded right down to the white base and it peeled off a bit.  Turns out that looked good anyway so I was still in the clear!  However, I still felt like it was too bright for my tastes so I decided to glaze it with a dark glaze (one part dark brown paint, 3 parts clear glaze) to darken it all up, especially the white parts.  Here is how it looked after.

IMG_0372IMG_0374 IMG_0373

Much better!  I couldn’t wait to try it out in my living room but first, a coat of indoor polyurethane to protect it!  I don’t have a picture of that because it looks, well, the same.

Here it is in our living room.  Of course, it won’t have that strange metal art behind it but you get the idea!  I included some detail shots as well.  It is a fun piece and just out of the ordinary enough for my taste so I love it.  My husband, of course, as you may recall from earlier, thinks I’m nuts 😉

IMG_0380IMG_0385IMG_0384IMG_0382 IMG_0381 IMG_0383


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