A Girly Chandelier for a Girly Girl – Bedroom Makeover Part One

What little girl doesn’t love a pretty chandelier?  My daughter had been begging me for one for her room, which we are slowly doing a makeover on, but the only one I could find anywhere was this one at Ikea online (and we don’t have one where we live) and I personally found it to be cheap looking. Plus, it wasn’t a fun girly color!  Okay so I didn’t look very hard as I have always wanted to redo an old brass 70’s chandelier and thought this would be the perfect opportunity!  So, giving up my search for a new one, I trolled kijiji and found this beauty for $10.  That’s right; $10! I was thrilled and when my daughter came with me to scope it out, she was UBER thrilled.  Because of all the “real diamonds” of course. 😉


My son holding it up for me as it was too heavy for my daughter!

I got it from a really young couple who were renovating their first ever (1970’s) home and wanting to replace all of the “old ugly light fixtures.”  Ha!  Score for me as they clearly did not see (or care about) the potential!  They told me they couldn’t figure out why so many people had emailed them about it. I was glad I was the first!   I just hoped it actually worked!

Anyway, off we went to pick out funky paint colors for it; we had already decided to go bold or go home.  Which means, in our exciting life, three different colors.  Because, why not?  What better to go a little over the top with then a light fixture in a little girl’s dream room?  Anyway, we chose “Blue Ocean Breeze” and “Watermelon Pink” by Krylon, as well as “Lagoon Blue” by Rustoleum.  We had two of the three colors already at home from previous projects so we only had to purchase “watermelon” which they sell at our local Walmart for $5 a can.  So far, a pretty cheap project!  As for covering the awful brass, we bought more of the primer we use for every project.  Kilz Primer is by far the best on the market in my opinion and is widely available.  Plus, it comes in a spray so double bonus!

However, before we spray painted anything, this baby BADLY needed a cleaning.  We removed all of the gems first and my daughter (all by herself I might add) polished every single one of them without missing a beat.  That is how excited she was about it.  It took her about an hour.blog photo IMG_3025While she did that, I carefully took apart the chandelier, taking pictures as I went so I would remember how to put it back together (DO NOT SKIP THIS PART!!). IMG_3012IMG_3014IMG_3015

I cleaned the brass portions carefully (they can be a bit sharp along the edges so don’t let your child do this part!) and covered the wires with painter’s tape.  We had bought new bulbs for it anyway so we just left the old ones in to keep the sockets clean (which worked like a charm!).

Now onto the fun part…

We sprayed all of the individual pieces with primer, waited for it to dry, then flipped them all over and sprayed it again so we didn’t miss any areas.  It dries super fast so it’s great for the impatient DIYer like me!


Then we chose which pieces would be which colors and got to work, making sure to cover every square inch.


We waited for it to dry for an hour, then put it back together (believe me, you will need those photos!).  Just to be safe, and much to my daughter’s chagrin, we left it to dry overnight before putting the gems back on.  I wanted it to be super dry since each gem had a metal (easy to scratch paint!) ring to work onto tiny holes.

IMG_3034The next day, we re-gemmed (I am aware that this is not a word) our creation which took about 30-45 minutes once we got in the groove.  It turned out better than anticipated!

While my daughter was at school, my husband surprised her by installing it in her room.

blog photo2She loves surprises so that was the icing on the cake for her!  It looks beautiful in her room and I smile (and I think she does too) every time the light is turned on.

IMG_3039 IMG_0514There are many more posts to come about her bedroom makeover, including a full bedroom set DIY project, so keep checking back!

The Mad Radish says: You can apply this tutorial to any old chandelier, even if it doesn’t come apart.  Just hang it somewhere with good ventilation and get spraying!

The Snobby Wasabi says:  Alas; even this small project is out of my league…


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