A Window Reborn: Bedroom Makeover Part 3


What a crazy busy month this has been!  As it stands right now, our household is almost ready to get back into the three big S’s.  School.  Sports. SCHEDULES.  Which reminds me that I need to head to Costco and buy the new 2013/2014 “Mom” calendar.  When I was a kid, I don’t remember my Mom owning a giant calendar such as these but I do remember her carrying around a little black book (no, not THAT kind) and that we never missed a baseball practice, piano lesson (though I would have liked to!) or soccer game.  Now, everyone has phones that are smarter than them (just admit it) which remind you of anything and everything, so long as you remember to tell it to remind you.  Seems odd.  Anyway, I have one of these said genius phones and I do plug in appointments and such but I still like the paper calendars better.  Besides, what if, heaven forbid, you LOST YOUR PHONE.  I would probably die; let’s be honest.

This post was not supposed to be about phones.  Or calendars.  But that’s how I roll.  Just write whatever comes to mind; relevant or not.  The reason I was talking about getting ready to get back into the “non-summer” mode is that I still have some projects that I want to get done before the madness begins.

Windows.  How to dress them  up.  There are always curtains of course but big, poofy curtains in a small room tend to take over and overwhelm the observer.   Besides, I tend to like things with clean, crisp lines and since my daughter really has no opinion on that kind of thing yet, I was able to put that to use on her window as part of her bedroom makeover.  I knew that as long as I used funky fabric, she would love it.

I chose to use one of Dena Designs prints called Jeevan Pink which is from her “Kumari Garden” line.  You will see lots more from this line in future posts since I used them for other projects.  Isn’t this one fun?

The first step is to build the wooden part of the valance.  This is way easier than it seems.  Basically, I went to Rona and bought a huge piece of 3/4″ MDF board that was on clearance for $7 and had them cut it into three pieces (which they will do for free!).

So, this is what I left Rona with:

1 piece of plywood/MDF at 59″ x 10″ – this will depend on your window width of course and can also be any height you want

2 pieces of plywood/MDF at 4″ x 10″

4 L brackets (see photos below)

2 mounting brackets (see photos below)

Screws for all the brackets (make sure they are short enough so they don’t go through to the other side of the wood!)

Then, there are things you need that I had at home which are:

Cordless/corded drill with bit to match your screws

Screwdriver to match your screws

Staple gun with staples


So now you just need to attach everything.  Get out your drill first and find a drill bit that is slightly smaller than your screws.  Assemble it like you see in the photos below and mark where the holes are with a pencil and drill holes in those spots.


Then just screw the screws in and voila.  You’re done the construction portion.  Seriously easy.


Next you need to head to the fabric store to get some batting (and fabric if you don’t have any yet).  Just buy the thickest batting they have and bring your measurements!  You want to buy enough so that the fabric/batting can wrap around the entire thing as one continous piece.  This means that the length needs to be the length of the main piece PLUS the lengths of the two side pieces.  And make sure there is about 3 inches all the way around for folding over.  As you can see, I had way more than 3 inches but you can always trim later.

IMG_1145 Next step is to grab your staple gun and take out some aggressions on this baby.  Just fold and staple, pulling it taut as you go.  It worked well for me to staple the two ends first and then do all the sides.

IMG_1146IMG_1147Remember that it doesn’t matter how the inside looks because you won’t see it anyway.  IMG_1150 IMG_1151 IMG_1152And that’s it!  Assembly complete!  Now, onto mounting…

I searched Rona for a simple way to mount this baby but the brackets in the above photo had to suffice so I will tell you how I did mine, but if you have something better, use it!  I will show you photos of how they are attached to give you an idea.

IMG_1155What I did was I drilled holes in the valance first and then lined those up and penciled in the corresponding holes on the wall.  You have to screw the bracket into the wall and then the valance onto it or you can’t get your screwdriver behind enough to do the wall screws.  Does that make sense?  Logistically it works but I am sure there is an easier way.

Anyway, here is the finished product on my daughter’s window.  Now I want to make some for MY room!

IMG_1154Fun, easy, under $20 and is going to be perfect with the other items I am making with the corresponding fabrics!  My daughter was thrilled with the end result.  Stay tuned because the final bedroom makeover reveal is coming very soon!

The Mad Radish says:  Place the valance as far up on the window as possible and it makes the window seem bigger than it really is!

The Snobby Wasabi says:  Why does construction always look so easy until I try to do it and chip a well man-icured nail?


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