Hoop It Up: Bedroom Makeover Part 4

IMG_3510This is a quick and easy post but I had to include it because this is such a fun craft to do with your child for their bedroom.  My daughter, who is 8 (in three days!) made these herself.  I just gave her the idea (from Pinterest of course!)

The embroidery hoops are from the thrift store.  I bought two sets for $5 about 6 months ago, knowing that I would use them for something.  And the fabric is leftover from her bedding set (post to come later!) so the whole project basically cost me $5.  And I think you will agree that it looks adorable!

The fabric is from Dena Designs’ line “Kumari Gardens.”  Love.

Anyway, first things first, separate an embroidery hoop by unscrewing the little screw at the top.  Place the inside ring on your fabric of choice and cut around it, leaving about 3/4″ of room all the way around.  No need to cut a circle; a square is easier and works just as well.


Next flip the whole contraption over so the inside hoop is under the fabric.


Firmly press the outer ring around it, pulling fabric tight from the back once it is around. Tighten the screw. Then, holding the scissors parallel to the ring, cut all the way around, leaving as little showing as possible.


Now do that as many time as you like!  We just used up what I had bought 🙂


These are super simple to hang on the wall.  Just put a small nail in the wall and hang by the tightening screw!

IMG_3507 IMG_3510Isn’t it so fun?  Her room is almost complete!  She LOVED this project.  Seriously instant gratification.  Took us in total about one hour.

The Mad Radish says:  These don’t have to be for a child’s bedroom!  You could put some funky prints in your living room or bedroom as well!

The Snobby Wasabi says:  All of this thrift store shopping is making me very uncomfortable.  I prefer to be seen in Barney’s…  But cute project I must say.


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