Bedroom Makeover Final Reveal

September is always full of goodbyes and hellos for my children.  Goodbye to summer.  Goodbye to wearing bathing suits all day.  Goodbye to campfires and marshmallows.  Goodbye to barefeet. Goodbye to staying up late because the sun doesn’t go down until they are ready to go down.  Goodbye to swimming in the lake.  Goodbye to dirtbiking through the mud. Goodbye to running around with friends outside every day of the week.  Goodbye to water balloons.  Goodbye to slip and slides.  Goodbye to eating straight from the garden.  Goodbye to tank tops and short shorts…

Let’s not forget the hellos!  Hello new class; new teacher; new backpack!  Hello to old school friends and potential new friends!  Hello to recess; and field trips; and art class!  Hello to new ideas and new beginnings!  Hello to shiny new kicks and sparkly new lip gloss!  Hello to soccer games and dance class!  Hello to new possibilities.  Welcome, fall.

I usually make a goal for myself over the summer which can consist of anything that I don’t normally have time for during the school year. This summer, my goal was to complete my daughter’s bedroom makeover by her birthday, which is September 4th.  We had discussed possibilities and decided on fabric so it was time to put our ideas to work.  I always like to tackle the biggest project first; get it over with so I can have fun with the details.  So, in this case, it was a new dresser set.  Check out my post about how I made this come together.

IMG_2969Once we got the set into her room, I knew this was going to be an epic makeover.  It changed the feel completely and went from “little girl cute” to “big girl fabulous.”  She was thrilled.

Next came the lighting.  The current situation was way too glaring and fluorescent with no hint of warmth.  So, off came the “cookie cutter” light fixture and in came this beauty.  Check out our transformation here.

blog photo2Much better.  And the colors were starting to come together as well.

Next thing on the list was her bed.  Her current bed was actually just a plain pine bed with drawers on the bottom.  Way too heavy for this room and no girlyness at all!   I found an antique wrought iron bed for a great price and what a difference it made.  You will see it in the final photos!

Now what bedroom makeover is complete without new bedding.  My daughter and I scoured the internet in search of some fabulous fabric in which to coat her bed.  We found these gorgeous designs by Dena Designs from her Kumari Gardens line and bought them off a seller on etsy called Stitchinfabric.

il_570xN.466077631_36t1 il_570xN.466077583_3wqd il_570xN.466077559_ktnf il_570xN.466077533_cvh3Aren’t they fun?!  The best idea when making bedding, in my opinion, is to find a few fabrics that don’t technically match but coordinate.  These ones fell into the latter category and we loved them when they arrived!  Way better in person, as most fabric bought online usually is.

Anyway, her bedding includes just the basics.  I bought a plain pink bedskirt and sheets so as not to overwhelm the new prints.  And the prints were used on the quilt and the pillow sham, as you will see in the photos.  Sorry no tutorials here.  I don’t do sewing tutorials!!  I will show you my “floor plan” for the quilt though, which is always a good idea to make!


With the leftover fabric, we decided to make was a padded wooden window valance.  This was a super easy project that I have a tutorial on here.

IMG_1154This fabric was my favorite one so I am glad there was alot of extra!

Since my daughter has been taking sewing lessons courtesy of me, we made this owl to match her bedding as one of our first “sewing machine” projects.

IMG_3489 IMG_3485The eyes, beak and belly are just made with regular felt.  My daughter picked all of the colors.  She also sewed around the whole thing herself! She was very proud.

Finally, we needed some wall art to bring it all together and I found this idea on pinterest that we could incorporate into her room.  Our post about it is here.

IMG_3510Now all that is left is to show you the photos we took of the final product!  Are you ready for this??

IMG_1176Enter big girl’s dreamland…

IMG_1177The bedding is all its glory!

IMG_1182Her dollhouses all always out and ready for pretend play!  After all, she isn’t THAT big yet.


IMG_1187The top white shelf consists of things that were in MY room when I was a little girl.


The inevitable toy bucket shelving.  At least we were able to get it in appropriate colors.IMG_1179

We had this sign of her name done when we lived in Victoria, BCIMG_1180She made this owl treehouse with a foam craft kit from Michaels


IMG_1184Chillin’ Owl IMG_1185

I am glad I decided to do a ruffle!  How cute right?IMG_1183And we can’t forget “Molly and Lacey’s corner” (Lacey is missing in this photo).  We made her this bedroom set and wardrobe awhile back.  Her bedding doesn’t match but it coordinates enough!

So that is that!  Hope you have enjoyed this series of posts!  I have a wonderful new recipe to share with you all next time.  See you soon!

The Mad Radish says:  I bet she was excited for her first night in her new room!

The Snobby Wasabi says:  Wow; bedroom makeover on a budget!  I won’t have to worry about that but it is nice to see you can make a room look great without spending the big bucks!


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