More Than Just a Hall Stand


I have been meaning to post about my favourite furniture project thus far and I finally have the chance!  So sorry about the terrible “before” photo; it’s actually from the kiiji ad I bought this from! I am starting to make these bad photos a habit!  The “after” ones are much better! I know I have more photos somewhere but they seem to be lost at the moment so I will add them later if I find them! Anyway, the last photo is of it in our house that we are currently trying to sell. The new house we are building is going to have a much larger entryway to accommodate this monstrosity! 

This hall stand was a absolute steal that I obtained from a young guy whose friend had given it to him for free.  It was his friend’s grandmother’s and she had received it as a newly wed.  It dates back to the 1940’s and he had it posted on kijiji for $75.  Yes you heard that right.  $75.  I emailed him and crossed my fingers, hoping that nonoe else had emailed before me.  Long story short, it was mine!  My sister and I hauled it back to my garage and there it sat for about a week until inspiration and motivation hit me.   Although it was in fairly good shape the shiny cherry colour just wasn’t my style. And there was enough damage that I needed to cover up so I decided it needed to be painted.  So, here are the steps I took to redo this wonderful piece (which can be used for most other furniture projects as well):

1. Take photos of the original piece

2. Take photos of all hardware to remember how to put it back together

3. Remove all hardware

4. Tape up mirrors with paper and painter’s tape (so it won’t leave a residue on the glass) – sometimes I remove the mirrors but in this case, upon examination, I opted to just tape them up 

5. Lightly sand entire piece with sanding blocks – no need to go crazy as long as you are using Kilz primer. At this point, if there is any damage to the wood, use a little wood filler to fill in cracks (let dry completely before continuing – read the label!) and wood glue (again, read the label!) to glue pieces back together.  I had to use both for this project. 

6. Lay down drop cloth – I invested in a heavy duty cloth one awhile back and it was the best purchase I have made!

7. Prime entire piece with spray primer – this is always difficult with any piece that has dowels or lots of elements to it – make sure to prime every last inch because the paint won’t stick otherwise! 

IMG_2153 IMG_2155

8. Let dry. Which only takes about 10 minutes with spray primer! 

9. Spray entire piece with spray paint of choice – I usually use Krylon brand spray paint because it is dependable and comes in a variety of colours 

10. Glaze entire piece with dark brown glaze (check out this tutorial on another great blog I found!)  to highlight the beautiful detail in the woodwork.

10. Use spray indoor varathane to coat entire piece – this protects it from things like water rings from glassware 

11. Let dry completely before bringing inside.

12. Enjoy your hard work! Here are some photos of all the wonderful detail this piece has to offer! 


IMG_2161 IMG_2162 IMG_2163 IMG_2164 IMG_2165 IMG_2166




The Mad Radish says: “If a piece of furniture has any type of wood carving, glazing is by far the best way to bring out the detail!”

The Snobby Wasabi says: “Even I would put this in my home.  I may be snobby but I can appreciate the excellent craftsmanship of the 1940s”

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