Meet the Radish

aa editWelcome to the kitchen of the Mad Radish, aka me! My name is Olivia and I am a wife and working mother of two young children, who has a passion for healthy living!  My passion is so strong, it borders on madness, hence the birth of the Mad Radish! Upon the numerous requests of friends and family, I have finally decided to start my own food blog to share ideas and recipes which will allow everyone to enjoy healthy eating as much as I do!  All of my recipes are gluten free and sugar free and are full of ingredients that promote health.  Knowing how busy life can get, the foods made in the Mad Radish kitchen are quick and easy to make while still being easy to love!  Please have a look around but watch out for that darn Snobby Wasabi; he is always trying to get his two cents in!  When you are done, come on over for a hot cup of tea and a slice of grain free banana bread and tell me what you think!

6 responses to “Meet the Radish

  1. Hello Mad Radish! I am TaskMaster Turnip and I am here to keep you on your toes as well as to help you to battle that Snobby Wasabi! Ok, now I am coming over for tea and banana bread.

  2. Loving your site Olivia… I have Celiac Disease, I already eat grain free, but alot of the premade foods are gross. So nice to have a cousin to do the leg work for me, lol, so sick of eating the same things!
    thxs!!!! you rock girl!!!

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