Vanilla Brown Sugar Scrub

brown sugar scrub2Okay okay this isn’t technically food; well I guess you COULD eat it but I wouldn’t recommend it!  This is a sugar scrub I have been making for ages now and works better than any other expensive scrub I have found out there!  AND it is super easy to make and the ingredients are inexpensive and readily available in most people’s kitchens.  Oh and did I mention it smells HEAVENLY in the shower; especially with the addition of vanilla?  Yum; I almost WANT to eat the stuff!

Vanilla Brown Sugar Scrub

2 cups brown sugar

1 cup white sugar

1 cup sunflower oil

1 Tbsp vanilla

Mix brown and white sugar together until there are no clumps (it helps if your brown sugar is fresh or if you have a brown sugar stone in it to keep it soft).  Add sunflower oil and vanilla and mix until well combined.  Makes 4 cups (about two medium sized mason jars)

The Mad Radish says: Unlike olive oil, sunflower does not carry a strong scent so the scent of the vanilla and sugar really come through!  Store in mason jars until use.  This scrub also makes a great gift!

The Snobby Wasabi says: I have always preferred the expensive exfoliants or my regular manicure and pedicure.  But I suppose this sounds too easy NOT to try!


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